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Last Updated 4th July 2019

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By using the Hert felt website. You agree to these Website Terms of Use.

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Simmple Group liability shall not exceed any payment or fees made by you to Simmple Group

You agree not to hold Simmple Group employees, directors or agents liable (either in the past, present or future) for

loss of any
potential business
good will
potential good will
potential income
potential profits
or any other form of benefit or potential benefit
injury to individuals
damage to product/s, either by direct or indirect use
the content of websites that Hert felt have provided links to
the failure of our systems or website
the failure of a third party systems or website, run on behalf of Simmple Group
in the direct or indirect use of the Hert felt website

Use of Website

You agree you can use the website to

Obtain information about Hert felt and Simmple Group
Follow links to other websites managed or controlled by Simmple Group, providing you agree to the visited website terms
Follow links to other websites not managed or controlled by Simmple Group
Use our website to find our contact details, and make contact with us
To ask questions about Hert felt products and services
To ask questions about Hert felt policies
To ask questions in order to promote Hert felt
To ask questions about your future, existing or previous order(s)
For support of our products and services that you have purchased or are considering purchasing
To enable you to make or consider making a purchase in future
For information, not to be used in marketing purposes
Join (or leave) opt in mailing lists (both electronic and non electronic), run by us or on behalf of us

You agree not to use the website to

Perform or enable illegal activities
Obtain Hert felt contact details to add to, or verify, contact databases or contact lists
Attempt to access an account not setup by you
Attempt to access our databases or any other storage methods, to gain the details of other users
Attempt to use our systems to gain access to other systems, without the prior consent of all parties involved
Copy our code, pages, images or other data for use on other websites or media, without our consent


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