Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last Updated 1st August 2018

The Privacy Policy shall be governed by law of England.

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An individual acting on behalf of themselves

An individual acting on behalf of a third party. With the agreement of the third party they are acting on behalf of

A system acting for the benefit of an individual, or individual on behalf of a third party. Even if the system is currently not acting for the benefit of the individual

Privacy Policy

Data Collection

Hert felt collect data from you whenever you visit the website, such as IP address, browser agent.

Hert felt may also collect further information when you create an account or place an order, such as name, billing and delivery address

Data Use

Data such as IP address and browser agent are use to ensure you have a good experience of the Hert felt website. Howver will only be used by Hert felt for security and general analysis purposes.

The table below shows what data may be shared, and with whom

Data Type Supplied To Usage
E mail Royal Mail To create delivery label
Name Royal Mail To create delivery label
Delivery Address Royal Mail To create delivery label
Phone Number Royal Mail To create delivery label
Ordered Products Royal Mail To create delivery label

Credit card data is process by, Hert felt does not have direct access to you credit card data

All data that is collected by Hert felt, may be used for internal use.

Data Management

You may ensure the details we hold about you, is up to date, if you have an account

You may request we provide you with the data that we hold on you, using the detail on our contact page

Data Removal

If you have an account, you can request removal of the account

However we will keep copies of the data as required by law

Data Security

Hert felt takes measures to ensure the security of your data

If you feel or know that your data secuity has been breached, then please take measures to secure you account such as changing account password.

And please inform us via our contact page

If we become aware of data breach, then we will inform you. And possibly take measures such as restricting access to your account

More Information

If you have any further question regarding our privacy policy, then please contact us