Hert felt Cookie Policy

Last Update 25th April 2020

Cookies are pieces of data that are stored on you computer by a website

These can help the website you are visiting, to do things like remember your who you are. When you next visit

Your browser can usually tell you which cookies are stored by a website. And can be removed if you wish

If you require help removing cookies, then using your favourite search engine type something like ‘remove cookies from [browser name]’

So you might go to https://www.duckduckgo.com/ and type remove cookies from Firefox


The Hert felt website uses cookies to help enable and enhance the use of the Hert felt website

The Hert felt tries to keep cookie usage to a minimum, and only use cookies when required

The Hert felt website can be used without cookies, but you will not be able to use the online purchase features of the site. And will generally make the Hert felt website less usable

If you have any queries regarding the Hert felt Cookie Policy, then please contact us