Category: Hertfordshire Photo

Hertfordshire Wood Sunrise

Hert felt have updated our website header image with one of the sunrise taken this morning in a #Hertfordshire wood

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February Snow in Hertfordshire

February Snow

We have updated the Hert felt website header image with one of the #February snow in #Hertfordshire

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Hertfordshire Rainforest

With autumn starting today, we decided to use this image for the Hert felt website header You may think it was taken in the rain forest, but no it was taken in Hertfordshire

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Is it Autumn

With this photo you might think it was autumn, if it wasn’t taken in July

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This image was created from several photos taken in #Hertfordshire We especially like it, so used it for our social media and website header

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This image of a ladybird was taken in the early morning in #Hertfordshire by the Hert felt photographer

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